Why Los Angeles Art Schools Might Be Your Best Bet

Art Director, Animator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Interior Designer, Digital Artist, Wardrobe/Costume Designer, Art Sales,…and then there’s the whole musical category from musical scoring and sound tracks to recording artist. The list of art careers goes on. Nearly all of which are part of the multi-trillion dollar movie-making industry whose hub is Hollywood, CA. That’s why Los Angeles art schools may be your best choice for a serious art education.Nothing beats being in close proximity to the industry you want to build a career around. In that regard, LA has it all: movie studios, galleries, museums, publishers, fashion centers, and let’s not forget Disney and its affiliated companies.The local government has even gotten involved. The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors has established the Arts Internship Program, making the opportunities for a hands-on entry-level position more available than it might otherwise be in a different market location.There are literally hundreds of art schools in the greater Los Angeles area. They range from low cost community-based recreational type schools to expensive top end career-oriented centers of education for the more dedicated student pursuing a degree in art. The competition in the latter group is, as you might expect, fierce. Those top end art schools compete for your education dollars. Once you’re in, competition shifts to the student body for the most coveted internships and professional positions. All things being equal, getting in good with an influential instructor can make all the difference.Los Angeles art schools help place budding artists on their chosen career paths. Thanks in large part to the entertainment industry and cultural centers, there are thousands of positions available that can start or give direction to the serious art student. Here are just a few examples: Art Director/Designer, Character Art Intern, Interactive Art Director, Art Sales, and many more.Digital animation is perhaps one of the fastest growing areas of the art industry. It’s intimate relationship with the movie and gaming industries means there are lots of career opportunities, but also lots of competition for those positions. Pursuing an art career in Los Angeles means learning how to swim with the sharks. The best career-oriented art schools in LA will also be able to give you help, training and advise in that area.There are many directions an art career can take from freelance artist to teaching to administrative positions in galleries, museums, cultural centers, and even government positions. There is an art career available for just about every temperament and personality. All share one thing: a love of art and appreciation of the creative spirit.Everyone is talented and creative. So, if your pursuit of happiness includes a career in the art field and a residence in sunny Southern California (even if only for the duration of your schooling), then Los Angeles art schools offer you the best of both. Find your niche for talented creativity in the city that celebrates every form of creative expression: Los Angeles, CA.

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